spookey woods castleWhen it comes to haunted house construction Tony Wohlgemuth knows how it’s done. In High Point, North Carolina Tony has been developing a Haunted House theme park amidst his family’s Christmas tree farm. Using a 4 jet Wall Blaster, Tony’s team applied stucco over SpiderLath and used an artistic touch to create the creepy old feel everyone knows and loves to be scared of each October at the Kersey Valley Spookywoods.

During the summer of 2012, Tony’s team built an elaborate labyrinth within the forest including a castle, crematorium, mausoleums, and vaults all from a combination of common building materials as the base and then applying SpiderLath and stucco to bring the forms to life. Continue below to see the haunted house come to life and watch the video tour, contact us to discuss creating your house of horrors.




SpiderLath applied to a wooden mausoleum frame, prepared to apply stucco and form the brick and stone.

Spider lath covering the mausoleum in preparation for spraying and forming stucco.

spookey woods stucco sprayer completespookey woods stucco sprayer complete 2Completed mausoleum with painted stucco to give an authentic scary cemetery feel!

spookey woods 2

spookey woods 1Building the entrance to the haunted house.

spookey woods artistArtists forming stucco into faux stone over spider lath.

spookey woods spider lath spookey woods brick spookey woods coffin 1

Brick and stone carved out of stucco and painted to create a truly frightful tour.