July 9, 2014
Herb Nordmeyer

Stucco Tools Choosing the right tools can help a project for speed and ease. A stucco sprayer can be many times faster than the old hawk & trowel. Read moreHerbCrete Stucco Core Mix

Everything You Want To Know About Mixing and Spraying Stucco.

For as simple as Stucco is, there is a lot to know about applying stucco as well as the many uses for it. Here we offer various articles or guides about working with Stucco: from what is stucco?  How to apply stucco, stucco mix designs, and more.

What is Stucco:

Stucco is typically a cement, sand and lime mix with water. This would also be referred to as traditional stucco,1 or 3 coat stucco, or straight cement plaster . Normally, we consider stucco as referring to a durable exterior coating. Plaster is a more generic term for a plastic (wet) material that is used for coating and finishing a wall that will harden over time. This can be with a base of cement but might also include clay earth, Gypsum papercrete or many other things. Although the distinction is blurry, many people think of stucco as exterior stucco siding and plaster as an interior finish.

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Applying Stucco:

There are two ways to apply stucco. Either by hand with a hawk and trowel, or by a tool like a stucco sprayer.  When troweling by hand, the learning curve can slow things down and the labor involved is greater. Hand troweling also takes more time.  The beauty of our tool is the ease of use while saving time and labor.  There is virtually no learning curve!  You scoop and spray. The the amount of square feet covered can be comparable to 6 experienced plasterers with a hawk and trowel. This feature is really great for larger projects like a strawbale house or a stucco fence.

Stucco Sprayer for Walls

The ToolCrete Stucco Sprayer can be used for applying plaster, shotcrete, papercrete, earthen mixes, plastering a stucco house, traditional one coat or three coat stucco, GFRC, stamped concrete, stucco fences, organic sculptures, and more! learn more

DIY Stucco Articles, Recipes and How To’s

Stucco Tools Choosing the right tools can help a project for speed and ease. A stucco sprayer can be many times faster than the old hawk & trowel.  More Information… How To Stucco Projects that show you how to stucco and some tips and tricks the folks learned along the way.  More Information… Applying Stucco | Stucco Application Directions in stucco application and applying stucco. More Information… Spraying Stucco An article on how How to Apply Stucco with the Stucco Sprayer By Herb Nordmeyer. Start in an area where mistakes can be made while standing on the ground. More Information. Stucco Recipes and Mix Designs Making stucco is like cooking bread… dozens of recipes on how to make it / mix it. Here are several different stucco mix designs including brown coat, scratch coat and more. More Information… Stucco Colors Erin Allen of The Earth Pigments Company explains how to use stucco colors. Stucco: One-Coat Vs Three-Coat One-Coat stucco is a newer application that is similar to traditional stucco. One-Coat is also a misnomer, as AT LEAST two coats, a base coat and a finish coat, are applied. More Information… Stucco, Lime And Mortar Consultant Herb Nordmeyer has designed and developed many of the stuccos available in America. More Information… Minnesota Stucco Guide (PDF Download) This guide contains general information on stucco installation and related materials. It is provided as a guide only and is not intended for any specific construction project. Download It. Stucco sprayer in Concrete Decor magazine The stucco sprayer was featured in Concrete Decor Magazine More Information…

Stories from the Field

I had two guys mixing my mortar, and they still couldn’t keep up with me using the bigger jets on the Tirolessa USA Stucco Sprayer. A four day job took me one day to complete.  I’m really excited about using this tool on my next job. -Joseph Armeni of Conneaut, OH

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Stucco Recipes

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