the leader in plastering equipment for all applications. We sell ToolCrete & Tirolessa USA stucco and plaster sprayers. All products are made in the USA and have been built to handle and withstand all projects large and small (construction & design).  Built to last forever, and make your project run faster with amazing quality in application. Our sprayers can be used for the following applications:


Homes and Foundations
Office Buildings
Walls and Fences
Water Features
Pools and Ponds
Block Walls
Strawbale Structures
Play Structures
Earth Structures


3 Jet Sprayer


3 Jet Wall Gun


4 Jet Combo Blaster


4 Jet Wall Blaster


3 Jet Downward Sprayer


The Stucco Book


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A ll of our sprayers are made proudly in Eugene, Oregon USA. We design extreme durability into our tools. For example, our hoppers are made from either stainless steel or cast aluminum and we guarantee them forever as long as you don’t turn it into a lump of concrete or bang it on a rock.
  • Solid cast or stainless steel hopper for lifetime usage
  • Powder coated handles with carbide grit for optimal grip
  • Jets of solid brass are removable and easily cleanable
  • Made to use with your 7cfm @ 90 psi or larger compressor
  • Faster and easier than hand troweling!
  • Costs much less than a stucco pump!
  • Comes with two sizes of jets to match your compressor size!

The jets are made from solid brass, and if you clean them correctly they will never wear out. We have over 20 years of experience in the stucco industry. Please call us for free expert advice and ideas for your project.

spraying Flex C Ment onto the wallStucco is typically a cement, sand and lime mix with water. This would also be referred to as traditional stucco,1 or 3 coat stucco or straight cement plaster . Normally it’s used as a durable exterior coating.

P laster is a more generic term for a plastic (wet) material that is used for coating and finishing a wall that will harden over time. This can be with a base of cement but might also include clay earth, Gypsum papercrete or many other things.

The new section on Mix Design designs is growing. It now includes traditional stucco, carving/ faux recipes and ferrocement formulas.

The quest for perfect Stucco has led us to HerbCrete Core Mix. It has all the quality core ingredients and allows the user add the commodity products of sand and cement onsite. We have started sending every sprayer with a free full size bag of Stucco Core Mix by HerbCrete.

Visit our stucco page to learn about application, mix designs and coloring for interior and exterior applications.

Mixes for papetcrete homes, spraying papercrete on storage containers, building papercrete shelters, and also videos on mixing papercrete and other information.

Straw Bale house plans, plastering on straw bales, and videos on plastering a straw bale house.

A beautiful gallery of thin shell Flying Concrete homes and structures. Includes history & designs by pioneers Lloyd Turner and Wallace Neff.

Reviews on stucco pumps, concrete pumps and information about shotcrete and gunite equipment.

An overview of some decorative concrete artisans, their projects and more.

Surface bonding cement, USDA Surface Bonded Cement Guide, Quickcrete, surface bonded block construction.

“I had two guys mixing my mortar, and they still couldn’t keep up with me using the bigger jets on the Tool Crete Stucco Sprayer. A four day job took me one day to complete. I’m really excited about using this tool on my next job.” -Joseph Armeni of Conneaut, OH

We can teach you how to spray stucco, if you have any questions please email or call us. Whether it’s spraying plaster, needing guidance on mix design, stucco repair or stucco application we are here to help. We are very fortunate to have many friends in the concrete construction business.

Carving faux rock in Flex C Ment

We can probably answer your questions or know who to refer you to. If you have many experienced plasterers working full time, a stucco pump is a good tool in addition to our sprayer.

It is all about scaling the tools to match the job. If you are considering purchasing a stucco pump, shotcrete pump, or gunite rig, feel free to call us first and we can talk about the scale of your construction project. If you want to learn how to stucco your house or start a shotcrete project, we hope our guides will be helpful.


Traditional Portland cement
Fibered stucco
Monokote mk-6
Premixed GFRC
Papercrete and earthen mixes
Clay mixes, and more!


Walls and Fences
Surface bonded block
Ponds waterfalls and swimming pools
Sculptures and play structures
Decorative concrete and faux rock
Ferro-cement construction
Strawbale structures
Earth structures and more!

Which stucco & plaster sprayer is right for your application?

Need help finding the right sprayer for your application.  Click on the help finding a sprayer button above and let us guide you to the right sprayer.  If you do not see your specific application listed above our in our guide feel free to contact us at 1 (800) 669-3272 so we can go over in more detail. You can also email us today Contact Us.

Need a premium mix for your Sprayer?

Looking for a premium stucco for your project?  HERB-CRETE Stucco Core Mix is made of the highest quality ingredients and is designed to last. Regardless if your application is for a specialty stucco project, or if your covering a house in its entirety. We have the calculations of how much premix you will need.