the leader in plastering equipment for all applications. We sell ToolCrete & Tirolessa USA stucco and plaster sprayers. All products are made in the USA and have been built to handle and withstand all projects large and small (construction & design).  Built to last forever, and make your project run faster with amazing quality in application. Our sprayers can be used for the following applications:


Homes and Foundations
Office Buildings
Walls and Fences
Water Features
Pools and Ponds
Block Walls
Strawbale Structures
Play Structures
Earth Structures


3 Jet Sprayer


3 Jet Wall Gun


4 Jet Combo Blaster


4 Jet Wall Blaster


3 Jet Downward Sprayer


The Stucco Book


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    Excerpt from Herb Nordmeyer’s book The Stucco Book The Basics about proper techniques for curing stucco.

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    DIY concrete mountain, this family built a model train in the backyard with a giant concrete mountain!

  • Staining Stucco

    Preparation and guidelines for staining stucco, never apply a stain over paint or waterproofing material.

  • Fibers For Stucco

    The fiber creates an interconnected three dimensional web suspended within the stucco or plaster moving in every direction and linked, to reduce cracking and improve the overall strength of the entire installation. Premixed bagged stucco and custom mix designs with fibers are readily available online and positive reviews as well as heated discussions abound for each type of fiber including metal, PVA, Fiberglass, Polypropylene, Nylon and Asbestos.