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14 Year Old Boy Builds His Own Balloon Home

14 Year Old Boy Builds Air Balloon

All kids love to play with balloons. Some like them at birthday parties some like them in bounce houses.

Nolie Scheid, 14 years old, from Eugene dreams of having his own balloon home. On a sunny day in Oregon he gathered the few materials needed; Vinyl, wood, tape, and set out to make his dream come true. With the help of his family Nolie cut out eighteen vinyl gores, that when placed intricately together, formed a dome shape. He then made a curved brace out of two by fours. Then taped each of the pieces together. Here is a photo of the last two pieces being taped together.

Air Form

Here is a photo of the final product, blown up %90 of the way.

DIY Air Balloon

Nolie will combining this with another smaller balloon form to make his own thin shell dome home!

Stay tuned for more updates as he progresses.

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