Using a Hawk and Trowel is Frankly Pre-Industrial

ToolCrete Mortar Sprayers are innovative pneumatic air tools designed and manufactured in the USA for improving stucco, mortar, carving, GFRC or any cementitious mix application. These tools are proudly made in Eugene Oregon and can be used for installations onto walls, ceilings, flooring as well as concrete countertops, sculptures and more.

Spraying stucco on a water tank.

Features & Benefits

  • greater embedment of mix in substrate
  • consistency of mix application
  • increased productivity, cut application time by half
  • reduces troweling time
  • does not require skilled labor to operate
  • made in usa of high quality stainless steel and cast aluminum
  • handles are powder coated with a no slip grip
  • one year warranty for all non-consumable parts
  • include spare jets and cleaning tools
  • sprayers work as a truth detector to ensure a high quality stucco mix

Our Sprayers

3 Jet Combo Gun

3 Jet Wall Gun

4 Jet Combo Blaster

4 Jet Wall Blaster

3 Jet Downward Gun

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