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Coloring Stucco | Integral Color

Coloring Stucco | Integral Color

Coloring stucco, plaster and other cementitious materials is a great way to have everlasting color in your walls, concrete countertops, pools, etc…

Jeremy French of BLUE Concrete explains how to formulate and pigment your mix for your next project.

Pigments come in an unlimited variety and can be combined to make or match almost any color. Some basics colors to have in your kit include earthen pigment colors like greens, blues, yellows, browns, black and white. These earth colors are popular choices for exterior stucco and interior plaster applications.

Integral color via pigments like these are wonderful for long lasting beautiful walls, sculptures and other projects. The integrated pigments allow the color to last and stand up to the elements including attacks from the sun, rain, wind and humans! Accidents and paint can’t always hold up like a stucco or plaster wall with integral color.

Thorough dispersion is important for a consistent color across your stucco wall. During the mixing process add all your liquids and 80% of the dry components. Add in all of the pigment and mix thoroughly before adding the final dry ingredients. The sand will help break down the pigments and disperse it throughout, be sure to follow manufacturers instructions for mixing.

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