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Covering Compressed Earth Block | Applying Stucco to CEB

Covering Compressed Earth Block | Applying Stucco to CEB

spraying stucco compressed earth block opensource ecologyGraham Robertson of the Open Source Ecology demonstrates how to use the stucco sprayer when working with Compressed Earth Block.

Compressed Earth Block or CEB is simply a form of construction using highly compressed earth in the shape of large bricks. This technique is more popular in the Southern United States as well as Latin America and many developing countries. These blocks are made of clay, inorganic soil, aggregates and sometimes cement.

Open Source Ecology has published a design free for anyone to use of a compressed earth block press. They say this press will allow two people to produce a wall of blocks 20 feet in diameter and 1 foot thick in one 8 hour day.

Once a CEB structure is complete it’s vital to cover the blocks and protect it from the elements. The stucco sprayer provides a method of applying the adobe or earth based stucco in an efficient manner while providing a coating that is consistent in depth. It’s important to be sure when applying plaster or stucco to CEB’s that the mix has the same coefficient of expansion as the blocks. In other words, cement stuccos should not be used on CEB’s because of the likelihood of delamination between the two materials.

Sprayer Used in this video:

4 Jet Combo Blaster
4 Jet Combo Blaster

Open Source Ecology CEB Press

compressed earth block press opensource ecology

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