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We proudly manufacture and sell the TirolessaUsa stucco and plaster sprayers.  Our EUGENE, OREGON MADE sprayers shoot a wide variety of mixes.  If you need plastering tools for cement stucco, GFRC, traditional lime plaster, premixed stucco, fibered stucco and more…you will be very happy with our sprayers. Many of our customers have their own recipe, and many of our customers are very pleased with the premixed stucco such as Quickrete, Magnawall, or Parex. Our stucco tools are GREAT application tools. The 4-Hole Wall Sprayer will efficiently cover an entire stucco house or speed up a smaller scale project. If vertical concrete is your specialty, our 3-Hole Plaster Sprayer will work great for you. The TirolessaUSA sprayers are economical and make applying stucco and plaster fast and easy. You can contact us anytime at or call anytime at 541-683-4167.  We offer free advice and are happy to help you with your projects. Click the thumbnail to read more.

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