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Decorative Concrete Training

Decorative Concrete Training

vertical artisan west coast training 2014

UPDATE: The last classes have been wonderful as a time to learn and also make connections in the industry that have not been possible in other formats. The next class will be in September 2015. If you are interested in themed concrete as a profession or an art please contact Nathan Giffin early at:


It’s that time of year again, Nathan Giffin is gearing up to join us here in Oregon for the 3rd training program at the West Coast Training Center. If you’re interested in learning from the best about vertical decorative concrete clear your calendar between April 28 and May 2nd. The West Coast Training Center is an underground house located in Lorane OR. It was built in the 1960s and is now the location of this yearly gathering of the finest minds in decorative concrete. 

Limited Space: Call Nathan at  708.233.9394

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Teachers at this year’s training will include…

Nathan Giffin,– Nathan is the organizer and leader of this training program. He is a Chicago born decorative concrete master who travels the world constructing some of the most amazing concrete designs. He is a regular participant at the World of Concrete and runs, an online community of decorative concrete artists and online training program for all types of decorative concrete work.

david seils 2David Seils,– The artist/sculptor David Seils has revived an art style that has been used for thousand of years to decorate walls and the frieze of buildings, relief sculpture. In the past, artwork was tediously carved in marble or limestone to only a depth of a few inches to create the illusion of depth. With the advantage of new materials, the same effect can be accomplished by building up the relief sculpture instead of carving.

David is originally from West Salem, Wisconsin and received formal art training at Viterbo College, La Crosse, Wisconsin; The Clearing, a University of Wisconsin Extension; Madison, Wisconsin; The University of Kansas; Lawrence, Kansas and the Ringling School of Art in Sarasota, Florida.


earl senchuckEarl Senchuk– First HANDS ON CLASS with Living Tree Art for Vertical Artisans! Earl will be sculpting a Bonzi Tree in the main “Nerve Center” Room. arl’s art mediums include various clays, welded metals, watercolor, wire, fiber, concrete, and living foliage.  His works are on display in various locations around Marquette, Michigan and at the Michigamme Moonshine Art Gallery in Michigamme.









steve kornher flying concreteSteve Kornher,– Steve specializes in lightweight concrete design and will be teaching his signature catenary arch roof design. Steve has lived in beautiful central Mexico for over 20 years in San Miguel de Allende with his wife where he has designed and built numerous houses, studios and other buildings. Steve’s home is a testament of his work and has been featured in magazines, online and TV shows. He has constructed some of the most fascinating and wacky properties in North America. Steve also conducts training courses throughout the US and Mexico, teaching his unique vertical and ceiling techniques. Check out a recent photo album of his work here.





Some of the topics that will be covered include…

  • One Day Walls
  • Stone Facing
  • Positive Carving
  • Foam Design
  • Armature Bending
  • Mold Making
  • Epoxy Molding
  • And Much More!

Limited Space: Call Nathan at  708.233.9394

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What’s included

  • One year subscription to core curriculum ($800 value)
  • All meals will be catered
  • 5 days of training by some of the finest minds in decorative concrete
  • Collaboration and networking with decorative concrete colleagues from across the country


We are going to prep a room, by the way all the rooms are circular and domed, anyway this room will be prepared and EVERY DAY in the morning sessions David will be introducing new techniques that can be executed in the room by the students.

So the entire room will be laid out and drawn out.  This way the students once they have practiced the effect on the practice wall they can then attempt the technique on the real wall under the supervision of David himself…


Every morning this can be done and their is no limit the room is big enough and techniques will include:

Trees, rocks, bushes, shrubs and leave, grasses ect… all the things that make up land scapings.. .

After the session with David we will continue with various techniques of Stone Facing, Positive Carving, Foam Design and One Day Wall Applications.



Finish the Final Wall in the Main Center Room ( The Nerve Center )

Design a Foam Based (Interior) Concrete covered & sculpted Water Feature to go in the center of this room

Complete a “David Seils” Room

Finish Exposed Stone Room complete with plaster and ceiling effects.



More Positive Carving in the entrance

One Day Wall system on the other entrance with a archway to garden / patio area

 Call Now To Sign Up 708.233.9394

Learn about previous courses at the West Coast Training Center Here.

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