Stucco, plaster, concrete, clay and earth based mixes are part of the built environment and building traditions around the world. Hand application was the standard method for thousands of years. This is a back breaking and laborious task that is no longer necessary. Using a ToolCrete Mortar Sprayer you can complete your stucco and plaster projects in half the time and save your back. These sprayers are easy to use and with the right compressor, anyone can get started.

Answer the questions to the right to choose the best sprayer for you. Your sprayer choice will depend on the type of application you’re doing and the size of your compressor. Using any of our sprayers with all of the jets open, we recommend a compressor with a minimum of 5hp 7cfm @ 90psi. Generally this will be a gas or 220 volt electric compressor. The 3 Jet Sprayers can be used with smaller compressors when set to the single or double jet settings.

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4 Jet Wall Blaster


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3 Jet Sprayers are often the most popular among homeowners and DIY folks. These sprayers are the most versatile and can be used with all 3 jets open or set to run with only 2 or one jet. This allows you to use smaller compressors with success.

3 Jet Wall Gun- This sprayer is for walls only.

3 Jet Combo Gun- This sprayer works for walls and ceilings.

3 Jet Downward Gun- This sprayer is for applying mixes to floors or concrete countertops.

3 Story FasWall Construction at Yachats Brewing

The more industrious sprayers are the 4 Jet Sprayers. These offer a wider spray pattern, allowing for completing a greater coverage area in a shorter period of time. They work with large compressors with the minimum settings of 5hp 7cfm @ 90psi or greater. The more air the better! The 4 Jet Wall Blaster is used to apply to walls only while the 4 Jet Combo Blaster is for spraying to walls or ceilings.