Emmedue Building Small

Emmedue panel construction is a great way to build an energy efficient, and seismic resistant home. Here in the USA, Emmedue is commonly referred to as M2 Panel construction.

The M2 Construction System uses wall and roof panels that are clipped together and sprayed with concrete. Once the concrete is applied, the structure is strong in 3 dimensions and can resist earthquakes, hurricanes and fires.

Emmedue- M2 panels are now being produced in the USA at a plant in Mississippi. We have featured an innovative M2 home being built in Texas. The owner, Hubert has been sharing construction photos and videos of the progress.

Hubert’s formula for the exterior stucco his Emmedue house is:

Wts. for One Cubic Yard of Special Stucco MortarAbs. Vol. (cf)
456 # Type I/II Portland cement2.320
354 # Flyash2.325
50 # Silica Fume0.364
75 # Type S lime0.537
2529 # Masonry sand15.408
4 # Glass fiberxxxxx
352 # Water (add at site as req’d. .41w/c)5.641
3820 #/cy Entrapped air (1.5%)0.405 (standard estimated value)
Yield: cf/cy27.000


Hubert’s formula by volume is:

  • 3% hydrated calcined dolomite (Calcium hydroxide and Magnesium hydroxide) – Lime
  • 13% Class F fly ash
  • 13% Portland cement
  • 2% Silica Fume
  • 69% masonry sand for stucco
  • .025% AR fiberglass fibers
  • Additives
  • 14oz/cwt of PMT-OS

The mix expectation is for about 3,500psi with a good density characteristic.

Structural layer

The structural layer is very similar, but has a higher strength characteristic. This layer is mostly
completed. But, we will be using your sprayer to complete a roof section that still remains
and for some residual wall work.

The mixture for the structural shotcrete, by volume:
Dry Mix

  • 9% Class F fly ash
  • 2% Silica Fume
  • 14% Portland
  • 75% Sand(TXI blend)


  • 12oz/cwt of Kalmatron ( //www.kalmatron.com/K100.html )

This mix has tested out at over 4,100psi.

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From left to right:

  1. The finished product of of Hubert’s Emmedue panel structure
  2. The foundation of Hubert’s Emmedue Panel house
  3. Rebar connects the concrete slab to the panel walls
  4. Structural steel is embedded into the panels in the corners. This detail supports the sturcture while letting windows fill the space.
  5. Spraying first interior layer of the home. Note door and window bucks used as screed points and diagonal reinforcement in the corners.
  6. Spec mix silo on the right delivers pre-mixed shotcrete to the mortar mixer. If this is available in your area it is worth considering.
  7. Solid walls, ready for finish stucco.

Emmedue panels are used around the world. Recently our sprayers were used with M2structural concrete insulated panels to help rebuild a children’s home in Haiti.