Geoff and Ellen are building a wonderful Earthbag home. Debt free and living large!

Geoff and Ellen from the Montello Alpaca Company are building a wonderful Earthbag home. They have been using the stucco sprayer for the plastering of the structures, It is important to get at least a slip coating over the bags as soon as possible to protect them from breaking down with the sunlight.

Stucco Earth Bag Earth Bag Home
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Geoff and Ellen are making great progress on their Superadobe Earthbag home. Recently they sent this short video showing Geoff spraying papercrete stucco on the walls of their main dome.

YouTube Preview Image

I have asked Geoff to send another video with a tour of the home so we can see more of the project. You can check on their progress on their blog Montello Alpaca Company. We are personally very touched by them and their story. It is great to see a couple like this that steps up to what most would call very bare land and carve it into a home. They are an inspiration.

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