Stucco Sprayer Video Library

Stucco Sprayer Video Library

Jody Smith of Overlay Solutions Spraying Faux Rock

Jody Smith spraying a decorative faux rock boulder with the stucco sprayer.[MORE]

Rebuilding Haiti

Rebuilding Haiti, Building a Stucco Wall with Emmedue Vertical Concrete panels

On March 31st April 4th, Steve Shirley and a bus load of volunteers with 19 Bible School students, Pastors and members traveled to Haiti to rebuild the… [MORE]

Stucco Application

Stucco Sprayer | Stucco Application

Wayne Previti of East-West Concrete uses the sprayer to finish ICF and Concrete block walls. He has also used the sprayer in thin shell structures for ferrocement…. [MORE]

Wall Stucco Sprayer - Ceiling sprayer demo Papercrete Dome

Wall Stucco Sprayer – Ceiling Sprayer Demo Papercrete Dome

Mikey Sklar talks about using the wall and ceiling sprayers on his structures. His approach goes beyond just domes. This is a thin shell structure with… [MORE]

TIROLESSA USA Mortar and Stucco Sprayer Demo

TIROLESSA USA Mortar and Stucco Sprayer Demo

This is a brief demo of the next generation of the popular Tirolessa mortar and stucco sprayer… [MORE]

How to stucco Strawbale

How to Stucco Strawbale

We are here to help with the best products and advice on how to stucco your wall. With our sprayers, people sprayer traditional stucco… [MORE]

Spraying Papercrete fence / Stucco sprayer

Spraying Papercrete Fence / Stucco sprayer

e are grateful to Mikey Sklar for sharing this video of how to spray a fence. With our sprayers you can use papercrete , adobe , traditional stucco and shotcrete… [MORE]

Building with Low Velocity Sprayed Concrete - Shotcrete

Building with Low Velocity Sprayed Concrete – Shotcrete

With our hopper sprayer you can do LVSC without the expense of a shotcrete pump. In this video you see progressive stiffening of a lightweight insulating form… [MORE]

Earth Bag Home.

Earth Bag Home

Geoff and Ellen from the Montello Alpaca Company are building a wonderful Earthbag home…[MORE]

ferrocement water tank

Building a Ferrocement Water Tank in Guatemala

A video describing the challenges of obtaining and storing clean drinking water for a small town in Guatemala; and how Andrew Bui of Engineers Without Borders met that challenge… [MORE]

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