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FasWall Building System

FasWall Building System

Recently we visited a jobsite where the FasWall system was being used to construct the basement walls of a new home. FasWall insulated wood chip-cement forms are made of recycled material and extremely environmentally friendly. Building with this approach is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to go Green and especially if you’re located in the Pacific Northwest. These forms are manufactured exclusively by ShelterWorks ltd in Philomath OR and are designed to create a highly insulated, breathable and clean environment.

Thermal mass is a very real benefit of the Faswall® green building system. It significantly reduces the energy needed to heat and cool buildings. It creates an elegant interior living space as both humidity and temperature remains constant.

Using FasWall is easy and fast for a DIY home builder, in conjunction with a stucco sprayer and a premium breathable stucco, a team of 2 or 3 can construct the walls and apply the stucco easily. Watch this video below to see how one homeowner applied his stucco in just one day.


faswall-toolcrete-herbcrete 7

Applying HERB-CRETE Stucco Core Mix™ directly to the FasWall forms using a 3 Jet Wall Gun.

faswall-toolcrete-herbcrete 3

These guys worked fast and efficiently using their sprayer, the scaffolding helped them quickly move up and down the wall.

faswall-toolcrete-herbcrete 4The mixing station- For the best mix be sure to use a tow-behind mortar mixer.

faswall-toolcrete-herbcrete 2

After spraying, another guy followed closely behind to trowel everything smooth.

faswall-toolcrete-herbcrete 9

Covering the walls after applying the stucco is very important for proper curing. This ensures the final strength of the wall.

faswall-toolcrete-herbcrete 5

It’s very important to clean the Mortar Sprayer and putting it in a bucket of water during any downtime to keep it from clogging with dried stucco.

faswall-toolcrete-herbcrete 6

Closeup of the FasWall form.


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