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Flex C Ment

Flex C Ment

Flex C Ment offers an array of products for a variety of applications including overlay systems, stamping, carving, stenciling and troweling. Gregg Hensley travels around the United States giving presentations and working with contractors to teach how to the Flex C Ment systems. We had a chance to meet with Gregg at the 2014 Concrete Decor Show, he discussed how applicators are successful when pairing their  Flex C Ment products with a Mortar Sprayer.

UPDATE: Flex-C-Ment has greatly expanded their 2015-2016 training schedule. Their improved details for mass production has made it possible to be price competitive with veneer with a much fresher look. Now Apartment buildings and large commercial projects can be complete much faster than with other systems. Please contact .


At the 2014 Concrete Decor Show Nathan Giffin of Vertical Artisans led a class at the Presbyterian Night Shelter. He and his crew of students built a beautiful faux stone entryway  complete with benches and planters. This project was completed in about 2  1/2 full days. The students left with the tools and knowledge to go home and enhance their hardscaping and contracting businesses. Take a look at the photos below of their progress…


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