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Building A Home Wine Cellar

Building A Home Wine Cellar

VA wine cellar-10Nathan Giffin is an incredibly talented artist. He uses stucco and concrete to sculpt and transform ordinary spaces into amazing works of art. Recently Nathan and his crew completed a gorgeous home wine cellar. With some help from his helmet GoPro 3 Cam we get to take a look at the project as the transformation took place. See Videos and photo gallery below…

Using his 3 Jet Wall Gun, Nathan applied stucco to SpiderLath and formed a room that transports any visitor back to the time of castles and dragons. Be sure to check out both videos below to see what the room looked like as they began applying the stucco and how it evolved in the end to the most amazing wine cellar you’d want to have all your friends over to see.

The wine cellar was built in partnership with Nathan Giffin of Vertical Artisans and Genuwine Grottos of Chicago. View more videos from the Vertical Artisans video library here.

Vertical Artisans is an Online Subscription site that illustrates the styles, methods and techniques of hand carved vertical decorative concrete.  Join to day and learn how render incredible, elaborate textured walls with the mortar sprayer.

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