Spider Lath applied on a wallSpiderLath is a premiere synthetic lath that has many advantages worth knowing about. SpiderLath is a great alternative to metal lath. It can be used with the following products: Tile, plaster, natural stone thin veneer, one and three coat stucco, concrete countertops, and plaster. Read more..
AMICO DIAMOND MESH LATH: The highest quality of steel sheets are slit and expanded to form diamond shapes. The result is over 10,000 diamond shaped openings per square yard of lath. The large number of openings results in the more plaster keys than any other lath available, allowing for optimal bonding of pumped, troweled, or sprayed material. The lath sheets have square ends and smooth parallel edges for easy handling and installation.Amico Metal Lath

Diamond Mesh Lath:

Sheet size: 27” x 97”

Package options: 10 pcs. (20 square yards per bundle; 50 bundles per pallet (1000 square yards)).

All diamond mesh lath is produced from hot dip galvanized steel per ASTM A653, A924 and C847.

The weight per square yard (sy) of the Diamond Mesh lath is 1.75, 2.5 and 3.4 (all are galvanized).