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Making Dinosaurs at the Austraila Zoo

Making Dinosaurs at the Austraila Zoo

cameron chapman australia zooHere at ToolCrete we’re so lucky to get to work with some of the most interesting and amazing concrete projects going on around the world. Last fall we got a call from down under with an order for some sprayers to Steve Irwin’s Austraila Zoo in Queensland. They have a dedicated artist on staff who creates their custom sculptures found throughout the zoo. Cameron is that artist who combines many basic construction materials and molds them into these incredible works of art.

Recently we got him to send us some photos of his work to share with you! He used his mortar sprayers to create these beautiful concrete sculptures which can now be found throughout the zoo property. Cameron is using the 4 Jet Wall Blaster and 4 Jet Combo Blaster on his projects.

Also check out this video about Cameron and the work he does at the zoo.


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