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3 New Sprayers from ToolCrete

3 New Sprayers from ToolCrete

Today we are proud to announce three new sprayers from ToolCrete, made in the USA with durability and performance in mind. Taking customer feedback, we have manufactured sprayers for a new variety of applications. We’re proud to manufacture the best stucco and plaster sprayers on the market, all made in the USA. Every detail of each sprayer has been carefully tested to ensure the highest quality. All new sprayers are made with stainless steel hoppers that are easy to clean, multiple jet sizes for customized speed and efficiency. Contact us today to discuss which sprayer is best for your project.



plaster sprayer 3 jet combo gun-3-Jet Combo Gun for plastering walls and ceilings

This combo sprayer saves valuable time and money allowing for a smooth seamless transition from wall to ceiling plaster applications. Easily convert the sprayer to 1, 2 or 3 jets. This allows the sprayer to work efficiently with smaller compressors and makes detail work easier on walls and ceilings. The handle can be use short for confined spaces and long for best comfort. Learn more…



gfrc sprayer gun 1-GFRC Sprayer for spraying countertops, molds and columns

Allows for consistent and even distribution of the Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete. This is the first horizontal sprayer in product lineup. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and we’re excited to see all the innovative ways it will be used. Learn more…



manhole repair sprayer closeup 33 Jet Manhole Restoration Gun
– for sewer repair and restoration

This sprayer meets the needs of a very unique market, providing a solution that was previously extremely expensive and time consuming for local and regional municipalities. Designed with an attachable funnel-like chute, application is simple for repairing cracks and holes in the hard to reach space below our streets. Learn more…



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