Papercrete is an alternative construction material made from a paper-like fibrous material mixed, Portland cement and clay or soil. Papercrete dates back to 1928 when it was first patented. Since the late 80’s Papercrete has had renewed interest as an alternative or environmentally friendly building material due the amount recycled paper used to make it. The fiber in Papercrete makes it fairly flexible which tends to crack less than stucco mixes. It is commonly used in earthbag and rounded or domed structures. Once dry it has a fibrous texture and gray in color. Spray papercrete in layers to let the mix dry as you are building thickness. This will give more surface area than papercrete blocks for faster dry times.

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Geodesic dome

Brandon has started a geodesic papercrete dome in Arkansas using shrink wrap, metal tubing and sprayed papercrete for the insulation. Also included is 7 steps to spraying papercrete on geodesic domes. Keep reading on Brandon’s dome adventure…

Mix Papercrete – Papercrete Recipe
This is a good place to mention and thank Clyde and Kate at Eve’s Garden. They were early users of our sprayers for papercrete and they have done a great job of building, sharing and teaching. Keep Reading

Papercrete Homes
There are many approaches to building papercrete homes.  Building near Phoenix, AZ, John Annesley found designing his papercrete homes is the most efficient by using the local adobe in the mix. Keep Reading

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