Papercrete Homes

There are many approaches to building papercrete homes. Building near Phoenix, AZ, John Annesley found designing his papercrete homes is the most efficient by using the local adobe in the mix. Annesley was pretty excited to build a papercrete house with his paper-adobe recipe. Using recycled, shredded paper and the clay dirt from nearby, he created a dense paper-adobe mix that is not only low cost, but it also provides excellent thermal mass. This results in more stable temperature throughout the home, so the extreme heat and cold of the desert climate is not as noticeable in the home.

For John Annesley, the papercrete house begins with earthbag footings. In the photo below, the breathtaking Arizona sunset displays the initial footing of earthbags that were filled with gravel.

Earthbags filled with gravel for the footing.

The footings are stagger stacked, like brick laying, until a 6 foot height is reached.

Earthbag walls for papercrete house.

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