Plaster and Stucco are very similar. Both are cementitious applications which are fire resistant and extremely durable. They are used to apply interior and exterior coatings over a variety of substrates including wood, steel, block, stone, brick and more. Plaster and stucco provide a monolithic skin over the building’s insulated wall interiors. Plaster is more commonly used for interior applications, often made of a combination of lime, portland cement, sand and/ or clay. Historical use of plasters are documented going back thousands of years and some are even still standing.

Stucco This stucco section covers all the details on how to stucco, stucco recipes, stucco colors, spraying stucco, interior plastering and more.

Papercrete Mixes for papetcrete homes, spraying papercrete on storage containers, building papercrete shelters, and also videos on mixing papercrete and other information.

Straw Bale Straw Bale house plans, plastering on straw bales, and videos on plastering a straw bale house.

Plastering a Straw Bale House

Thin Shell Construction A beautiful gallery of thin shell Flying Concrete homes and structures. The history and engineered drawings by Lloyd Turner. The history and pioneer air form designs by architect Wallace Neff and other thin shell methods are also included.

Stucco Pumps, Concrete Pump, Shotcrete and Gunite Reviews on stucco pumps, concrete pumps and information about shotcrete and gunite equipment.

Stucco Videos From Our Customers Videos from our customers spraying stucco on a boulder, rebuilding an orphanage wall in Haiti, how to plaster straw bale, spraying papercrete on a fence, spraying papercrete on an earth bag home, spraying a ceiling with papercrete and more.

Video Gallery

Stucco Sprayer for Walls

The Tirolessa USA Stucco Sprayer can be used for applying plaster, shotcrete, papercrete, earthen mixes, plastering a stucco house, traditional one coat or three coat stucco, GFRC, stamped concrete, stucco fences, organic sculptures, and more!

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Wall & Ceiling Stucco Sprayer

The new Wall and Ceiling Combination Sprayer has a stainless steel hopper for unmatched durability. The unique hopper angle and overflow flap allows for application on ceilings or higher areas. It can be used to spray mortar, plaster, small scale shotcrete, papercrete, earthen mixes, and more!

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3-Hole Plaster Sprayer

The Plaster Sprayer is a favorite tool of concrete artisans and plastering professionals. The stainless steel hopper is extremely durable and easy to clean. The extension handle and hopper handle are designed to give you good control, balance and comfort while you are applying material.

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