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(Carving Core Mix + 3 Jet Wall Gun)

Combining two of the top products from HERB-CRETE and ToolCrete. Purchase a stucco sprayer and complete your project with our premium carving mix. HERB-CRETE Carving Core Mix was designed by renowned stucco scientist Herb Nordmeyer, it will help reduce cracking, will take color easily and is affordable to ship. Build your project out up to 1.5 inches. Simply combine the Carving Core Mix with your locally supplied sand and portland cement for strong, long-lasting and versatile applications.

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– HERB-CRETE Carving Core Mix is a creamy, low efflorescing carvable stucco which contains all the goodness in the bag. Made of the highest quality stucco materials packaged in a way which saves on shipping and offers the greatest amount of control. Mix with the commodity products (sand, cement and water) on site tailored to your application.
– One bucket of Carving Core Mix contains 25 bags, each bag with sand and cement will produce a full bucket of carvable mix.

– HERB-CRETE Carving Core Mix is designed for vertical concrete carving, artistic concrete applications including faux stone, waterfalls, themed exhibits, statues and much more. Build out up to 1 1/2 inches with HerbCrete Carving Core Mix.

– Use white or grey cement with any HerbCrete product for color control previously not found in the industry.

– Designed specifically as a carving mix.

– All HERB-CRETE mixes arrive in sealed plastic bags giving you the greatest shelf life possible.

-Store any sealed, leftover bags in a dry cool place for up to a year.

– Read instructional PDF above to learn how to make an appropriate mix for your application.

HERB-CRETE is designed to mix with Type I or Type II Portland cement and an appropriate stucco sand to produce a high­ quality stucco. If rapid set is needed, then Type III Portland cement may be used, but the working time is greatly reduced. If working in an area where sulfate resistance is needed, Type IV and Type V may be used.

Carving Core Mix Features:


  • Premium masonry carving mix for sculptures, fireplace surround, faux stone and more.

  • Contains no acrylics, 10 five pound bags per case.

  • Customize with your own sand and cement type I or II.

  • Use with gray or white Portland Cement.

  • 3.5 cubic feet of mix per 5 pound bag (10 bags per case).

  • Approximately .12 cents per pound of prepared mix.

  • Proudly made in the USA




One bucket kit of Core Mix contains 25 individually packaged bags of mix and will produce 25 full buckets of mix.


The Carving Core Mix Bucket Kit ships in a single six gallon bucket containing 25 individually packaged bags. The bucket includes a gamma seal lid for easy transportation and reuse.


Do not add any admixtures, magic potions, or other components to any mix containing HERB-CRETE. HERB-CRETE is not designed for mixing with mortar cements, masonry cements, plastic cements, or blended cements.

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