The Stucco Book- The Basics

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Features of this Book:


  • Stucco History
  • Types of Stucco (traditional, one coat, three coat, acrylic etc)
  • DIY Stucco
  • Framing & Sheathing
  • Vapor and Weather Barriers
  • Waterproofing Penetrations
  • Lath and Other Plaster Bases
  • Lath Accessories
  • Principles of Formulation
  • Cement for Stucco
  • Sand
  • Mixing Stucco
  • Fiber in Stucco
  • Applying Stucco (Trowel, Spraying)
  • Curing Stucco
  • Texturing and Finishing Stucco
  • Warranties
  • Helpful Hints




Herb Nordmeyer has been in the construction materials business for most of his life. His father and grandfather were in similar businesses, and while growing up, he remembers listening to his father talk about stucco. This has given him about 90 years of experience to draw on. The Stucco Book covers all the basics you will need to know about stucco. If you are even just thinking about stuccoing anything, this book is a must-have.

Herb Nordmeyer is a forensic stucco consultant and an accomplished storyteller of stories that tug at your heart-strings. His specialties are problem solving and life lessons.

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