Ray accomplishes the work of several men. His company, R W McNair Inc, is the countries largest distributor of Reed SOVA Gunite and Olin Concrete Pumps. Why is he the biggest? Not because of a giant sales force or huge distribution networks. Ray McNair has spent his career learning and actually doing what he is teaching with the equipment he sells. When his customers call with a question, chances are he has often already solved a similar issue. His word is his bond, and he is a rare breed these days.

Ray is a wonderful resource for his customers. His expertise covers grouting, concrete pumping, shotcrete and gunite. He is short on time for for tire kickers, but works very hard to support his customers. I am very thankful for the knowledge and friendship he has shared over the years. Ray helped me with parts and advice for my Reed GuniteSOVA gun and also the olin concrete pump. His parts inventory allowed me to keep a schedule on my first job with the Olin 525. Without him, I would have had to turn the job over to another friend that pumps concrete.

Ray McNair earned Shotcrete Nozzleman Certification #119, issued in accordance with American Concrete Institute Spec 506.3R-90 Guide to Shotcrete. Ray has more continuous experience in specification, application, assembly, operating and service-repair of Reed Guns than any other person in the world.

Ray Mcnair sprays dry processed gunite

If you have a serious Gunite project on a schedule, I can recommend contacting RW McNair INC in Birmingham Alabama. Phone 205-323-8003.

R W McNair INC

Stucco Sprayer for Walls

The Tirolessa USA Stucco Sprayer can be used for applying plaster, shotcrete, papercrete, earthen mixes, plastering a stucco house, traditional one coat or three coat stucco, GFRC, stamped concrete, stucco fences, organic sculptures, and more!

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Wall & Ceiling Stucco Sprayer

The new Wall and Ceiling Combination Sprayer has a stainless steel hopper for unmatched durability. The unique hopper angle and overflow flap allows for application on ceilings or higher areas. It can be used to spray mortar, plaster, small scale shotcrete, papercrete, earthen mixes, and more!

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3-Hole Plaster Sprayer

The Plaster Sprayer is a favorite tool of concrete artisans and plastering professionals. The stainless steel hopper is extremely durable and easy to clean. The extension handle and hopper handle are designed to give you good control, balance and comfort while you are applying material.

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