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SCIP Construction- Stucco Sprayer VS. Stucco Pump VS. Dry Gunite

SCIP Construction- Stucco Sprayer VS. Stucco Pump VS. Dry Gunite

Stucco sprayer VS. Stucco Pump VS. Dry  Gunite, what’s best for your application?

by Nolan Scheid

scip stucco sprayerFor a DIY project or for a contractor who doesn’t focus on shotcrete full time, the stucco sprayer is the most affordable and efficient choice.  Learning to use a Stucco Sprayer is fast and a team with little or no experience can be up and running much quicker than any pump device. Also, in countries with abundant and affordable labor the Stucco Sprayer is generally hands down the best option.

(One customer used more than 30 guns at the same time on a remote housing project).
Plan on ½ to 1 yard per hour as a spray rate per sprayer. More is possible but always plan on the short side to give yourself some extra time.

On a larger scale with a trained crew and ready mix, the Blastcrete 2” squeeze pump can be successful, but only after the initial $15,000 to $20,000 investment and the large, specialty trained crew (4-6 people).

I have limited experience with the dry gun rigs for a reason, the health of my family and coworkers is more important. I did not like the dust and don’t see it as a good choice if there are other people or buildings nearby. (watch this video to see what I mean)

While setting up to spray stucco the whole project picture needs to be considered.

Equipment scale:  mixer, sprayer, delivery. Can the mixer keep up to the delivery and the spray rate? Can the people keep up with the spray rate?

People scale:  1-3 2-4, 6 or more. Look at the combinations in the work cycle to get everyone moving in sync.  If you get a bunch of material on the wall is there someone to follow up and rod it smooth?

Coordinating the workflow of men and machines can lead to much higher and greater efficiency than setting up piecemeal.

Contact us to discuss your project and check out our sprayers to decide which is best for you.


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