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Affordable SCIP Panel Home Construction with Amor Ministries

Affordable SCIP Panel Home Construction with Amor Ministries

SCIP panel home amor ministriesAmor Ministries, located in San Carlos, Arizona recently launched a project that provides the local Apache tribe with low cost housing using SCIP Panel construction. SCIP buildings were chosen for their low cost, high insulation and simplicity. Volunteer church and school groups visit San Carlos to work with local team leader Jonathan Hayek and construct these homes. During their visit, each group will spend a few days working on a home where they will do anything from assembling the SCIP panels, applying the stucco, painting and more. Each group receives a few free days during their stay for local excursions to go hiking, visit nearby Phoenix or relax.

The houses themselves are built using SCIP panels, a total of 85 to a home. The panels arrive onsite by truck where the volunteers assemble the home over the concrete slab. Once assembled the volunteers cover the exterior and interior including the ceiling and roof with stucco using a ToolCrete Stucco Sprayer. The sprayer helps to reduce application time significantly and is a lot more fun than applying everything by hand. These homes are built as permanent residences and will likely be the home of an Apache family for generations. SCIP Panel homes remain environmentally friendly and provide efficient insulation while keeping residents cool despite the uncomfortable Arizona heat. Upon completion a family is able to purchase the home at an extremely low rate and contribute to its finishing touches, which includes painting and furnishing.

Amor has joined hands with different parishes, schools, and communities near and far in order to bring the people of the San Carlos Apache Reservation high quality and comfortable living conditions. If you’re interested in learning more about SCIP Panel construction please contact ToolCrete at (800) 669.3272 or to volunteer for the next build project visit Amor’s website.

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