Stucco Rolair Compressor

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Product Description

A mortar and stucco sprayer uses compressed air to throw the material on the wall. The compressed air does some of the work for you so material can be applied quicker and easier than by hand application. It is a great time saver for a stucco house. More air is usually better. The small jets in the wall sprayer will flow 6.5 cfm@ 100 psi. We call this the minimum recommended compressor size. Some people have used smaller compressors and extra tanks but it is a compromise that does slow production and run a compressor beyond its design level. With a larger air compressor in the 12-16 cfm @90 psi range you can use the larger jet size that comes with the wall sprayer. This will throw the material harder and farther. Both of these are good things for increased application rates and easier work load. If you think you will be using two sprayers at a time, move into the 16+ cfm@ 90 psi range. Gas, diesel or electric? If you have electricity on the site, select a 220 volt 5 horse power compressor. This will be the least costly and lowest maintenance over time. If you are in a location without electricity a gas or diesel powered compressor is a better choice than running a large generator to power an electric compressor. A Honda gas powered compressor in the 6.5-12hp range is a good choice.

Typically we set the compressor away from the work area to keep the noise down. We have also set the compressor behind a wall to help keep the job site quieter. Normally the compressor is more than 50″ away, so we up-size the air hose to 1/2″ or 3/4″ ID depending on what is easily available. Then we use a 3/8″ ID hose for the last 25″ to keep the tool flexible. Maintenance is important! Before you start a new project take the time to change the oil and check over your equipment. When you buy the maintenance parts for your compressor, double up so it will be quicker to do the maintenance the next time.

Rolair Compressor features:

  • 6.5 horse power
  • 13.1 cfm delivered @ 100 psi
  • 1100 rpm pump speed
  • 34 ounce oil capacity in pump
  • standard reed valve system
  • belt tightening device : yes (standard)
  • wheels : 1 fully pneumatic w/sealant
  • tank capacity : 9 gallons
  • length : 46 inches
  • width: 19 inches
  • height : 28 inches
  • weight: 179 lbs.
  • pressure Gauge: 0-200 in 5 lb. graduations
  • automatic pilot valve operation
  • automatic idle control for economy and long service life
  • intake filter w/silencer & replaceable element
  • Schmidt Belt Tightening Device
  • air-cooled after cooler
  • totally enclosed steel belt guard
  • safety relief valve.

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Stucco sprayer 30-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE offers a full refund less shipping if you are not satisfied with the performance of the tool. The sprayer must be returned within 30 days of receiving it.

Stucco sprayer ONE-YEAR WARRANTY FOR PARTS AND WORKMANSHIP offers a full one-year warranty on parts and workmanship. Jets are considered consumable parts and are warranted for 90 days (although they should last the life of the tool if you keep them clean). If you have problems with your tool and need to return it for service, please request a Return Merchandise Authorization Number by calling 541-221-1349. You will be responsible for shipping the sprayer to and will pay for shipping a repaired or refurbished sprayer to you.

It is very rare to have any warranty requests on our stucco sprayers. If your sprayer is not meeting your expectations, please contact us immediately for help and advice. Most of the time we can offer suggestions to help with your project that will solve any questions.