Our sprayers have been used for stucco application on straw bale construction for many years. Because of the powerful throw onto straw bales, the penetration and adherence to a straw bale house have proven to be excellent. The video below demonstrates stucco application on straw bale. It’s a simple, yet very effective.

Mark Schueneman, a member of the Colorado Straw Bale Association, calls our sprayer a “Weapon of Mass Construction“.

Ed Taylor, Straw Bale Builder

YouTube Preview Image

In the video above, Ed Taylor demonstrates spraying plaster on straw bale construction. Ed Taylor wrote:

“Speed of application seems quite good too. Two of us, one on the mixer and the other on the sprayer, can cover 40 lineal meters (130 feet) of 8 bale high straw bale wall in a full working day. So a building 7.5m (25 feet) long by 5m (16 feet) wide can be coated inside and out in one day. Three days (with curing time between) and the building is completely rendered. We were impressed!” -Ed Taylor of Australia

In Australia, our tool is often referred to as a render gun or render sprayer.

Deirdre McGahern, Straworks.ca

YouTube Preview Image

Deirdre McGahern of Straworks.ca has been very successful with straw bale construction in Canada. In this video, she made this video showing the mixing, transporting, and using the stucco sprayer to apply the exterior plaster to the straw bale house shown. Deirdre is a specialist in plastering straw bale buildings exposed to extreme weather.

Stucco Sprayer for Walls

The Tirolessa USA Stucco Sprayer can be used for applying plaster, shotcrete, papercrete, earthen mixes, plastering a stucco house, traditional one coat or three coat stucco, GFRC, stamped concrete, stucco fences, organic sculptures, and more!

Straw Bale House Plans (Below)

Rodney and Pamela Volkmar designed a vaulted straw bale cabin. It has an A-frame facade of a small stucco house. With all the materials at the site, Rodney feels this design, even on a larger scale, could be completed in two weeks.

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Please send in your questions. We are here to help with straw bale stucco and plastering advice.