Thank you for purchasing our sprayer! Our sprayers are designed with the Amflo CP5 air fitting. This is a very common fitting found at most local hardware stores. We also want to provide you with a list compatible fittings that are common as well. This list should have a fitting that will work with your air hose.


3/8″ Automotive Standard Series Type “G”

Plated steel couplers have hardened steel balls and stainless steel springs. Coupler plugs are heat treated to reduce wear on critical mating surfaces. Maximum working pressure 300 PSI.
Thread Type NPT Size Metal Type Coupler No. Plug No.
Male 1/4″ Steel C7 CP7
Male 3/8″ Steel C5 CP5
Male 1/2″ Steel C5-04 CP5-04
Female 1/4″ Steel C8 CP8
Female 3/8″ Steel C6 CP6
Female 3/8″ Brass C6B
Female 1/2″ Steel C6-24 CP6-24
Hose Barb 1/4″ Steel C6-42 CP5-42
Hose Barb 3/8″ Steel C6-44 CP5-44
Hose Barb 1/2″ Steel C6-45
Lock-On Barb 1/4″ Steel C6-42L CP5-42L
Lock-On Barb 3/8″ Steel C6-44L CP5-44L

Here is the printable version of Compatible Fittings.