FasWall is a sustainable building system manufactured here in the Pacific Northwest. These blocks are made of 85% post consumer wood fiber and 15% cement. The simple organic materials make the buildings they are incorporated into simpler, more sustainable and affordable.

Faswall, Sustainable Cement Blocks

Completed FasWall House

faswall block with insulation foam

FasWall Blocks with insulation insert

FasWall Blocks are stacked on a cement slab and then coated with an interior plaster and exterior stucco. The application is slightly different when building below grade and incorporates a waterproofing layer to keep the blocks protected.

faswall spraying stucco

Spraying Stucco onto Faswall Block

Spraying the stucco to the FasWall block helps to turn a week’s worth of troweling into a day or two. A crew of 3 is best for this phase, one to mix and keep a constant supply of stucco available to sprayer, a sprayer who will scoop from the wheelbarrow and move along the wall applying the stucco and one person to follow behind troweling the wall smooth and even. A traditional 3 coat application is best for above grade work inside and out with a scratch coat (3/8″) brown coat (3/8″) and finish coat (1/4″).

Faswall, Sustainable Cement Blocks

FasWall Blocks

Fas wall blocks are a great choice for a variety of building types including houses, stores, offices, industrial complexes, restaurants and breweries!

Watch these videos of FasWall construction sites using their stucco sprayer to apply HerbCrete Stucco Core Mix.