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HerbCrete Core Mix™

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*10 five lb bags per case

.12¢/ pound of prepared  mix

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HerbCrete Stucco Core Mix
herbcrete stucco core mix stone and tile roof application

“All the goodness in the bag, you add the sand and cement.”

Product Description

  • Each bag makes 3 – 3.5 cu ft of stucco, 10 bags per case.
  • One case will produce approximately 30 cu ft of stucco, more than 1 cubic yard!
  • One case will produce approximately 1000 sq. ft  at 3/8″ thick once cement and sand is added.
  • Cost per pound competes with much lower quality pre-bagged stucco available at any big box store

– Herbcrete Stucco Core Mix™ is a creamy, low efflorescing stucco which contains all the goodness in the bag. Made of the highest quality stucco materials packaged in a way which saves on shipping and offers the greatest amount of control. Mix HerbCrete Stucco Core Mix™ with the commodity products (sand, cement and water) on site tailored to your application.
– One bag of Core Mix™ will produce 3 to 3.5 cubic feet of stucco giving you approximately 100 sq. ft. or 30 cu. ft per 10 bag case.

– HerbCrete Stuccoo Core Mix™ is designed for standard stucco applications including the scratch, brown and finish coats. Customize each application mix with a proper combination of Core Mix™, sand and cement.

– Use white or grey cement with any HerbCrete product for color control previously not found in the industry.

– Although not designed as a carving mix, it can be very successful as one.

– All HerbCrete mixes arrive in sealed plastic bags giving you the greatest shelf life possible.

-Store any sealed, leftover bags in a dry cool place for up to a year.

– Read instructional PDF above to learn how to make an appropriate mix for your application.

HerbCrete is designed to mix with Type I or Type II Portland cement and an appropriate stucco sand to produce a high­quality stucco. If rapid set is needed, then Type III Portland cement may be used, but the working time is greatly reduced. If working in an area where sulfate resistance is needed, Type IV and Type V may be used.

Package sizes

HerbCrete Stucco Core Mix™ ships in five pound sealed plastic bags. Each case contains 10 five pound bags. Use one bag of Portland cement for each five pound bag of HerbCrete Stucco Core Mix™ and an appropriate amount of sand.


Do not add any admixtures, magic potions, or other components to any mix containing HerbCrete. HerbCrete is not designed for mixing with mortar cements, masonry cements, plastic cements, or blended cements.

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