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Choosing the right tools can help a project for speed and ease. A stucco sprayer can be many times faster than the old hawk & trowel. Read more

Mikey Sklar is a Green Builder from the United States. He is a retired Unix admin, whose hobbies are microcontroller programming and circuit design. He has built a hotel out of trash in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.

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Builders in the South West US have access to prickly pear cactus (Nopal), when the pads are boiled down to juice, and mixed with lime to make a sprayable natural, durable paint.

This paint is used over clay rendered walls, over straw bales, and can repair or refresh existing lime plasters and paints.

Here is the recipe Mikey used on the video clip:

-For paint, just add lime until you like the color and thickness.

-For my paper based stucco cactus recipe:

  • Half 5gal bucket shredded wet paper
  • 4 cups lime
  • ( hydrated powder lime in 50# sacks Feed Stores Hardware stores carry it ~ $7-9 a bag)
  • 2 cups portland cement
  • 2 cups micro silica (blast sand)
  • 1 gal prickly juice
  • Mix with hand drill until smooth

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