Ted UramWhen MortarSprayer.com approached me about writing articles, I jumped at the opportunity. Nolan and his team have created an innovative line of products that are helping introduce novices and pros alike to the art of stucco spraying. Having come from a decorative concrete background, I am familiar with stucco. I’ve also seen many hopper-type sprayers used to apply decorative finishes and falsely assumed MortarSprayer.com’s products were similar. They are not. The sprayers Nolan and his team handcraft in their shop are far superior, durable artisan tools. I am excited and enthused to see how this company grows, and how its sprayers can help change the face of the organic structure and alternative housing landscape… and beyond!

Ted Uram is a seasoned writer with nearly two decades of experience that includes newspapers, trade publications, business and procedural writing, and fiction. He is the author of several private industry books and manuals, and he has published several more fiction novels under the pseudonym, Ted Fauster.

Ted now works as a freelance business and creative writer, specializing in ad copy and design, press releases, manual writing, policies and procedures, business plans, speech writing, WordPress copy writing and light updates, article writing, proofreading, and more. He is available for private contract and piece work. He lives in Tempe, Arizona. Please visit his website www.teduram.blogspot.com for a complete service listing and rates.

Ted can be reached at uramted@yahoo.com