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Congratulations to Herb Nordmeyer

Congratulations to Herb Nordmeyer

Congratulations goes to Herb Nordmeyer for his continued work to help the recovery effort for the built environment in Haiti. Nordmeyer has been working tirelessly for several years to teach people how to build disaster resistant affordable homes, working with crews throughout Haiti he has lifted bar for quality affordable housing across the island while also ensuring a properly trained workforce will continue to construct communities using proper concrete mix designs and building techniques to withstand future natural disasters. Nordmeyer will receive the Four Chaplains Award February 4th, 2017 at the St Francis Episcopal Church in San Antonio. 

For the last four years, Herb Nordmeyer along with an outreach crew from his home church, Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church and Mission Haiti, have been visiting Haiti and helping local communities build concrete dome homes and community buildings. Herb has begun teaching a college-level course on concrete inspection and building techniques to withstand a variety of natural disasters including hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes. He also published a book about his experiences in Haiti called Homes for Jubilee

Congratulations to Herb Nordmeyer

Under Nordmeyer’s guidance, the local crews have built a number of dome structures using balloon forms from Monolithic Dome Institute and a basalt rope rebar to reinforce a custom structural concrete mix. The balloon form is placed over a circular concrete slab 30 feet in diameter and remains expanded until the various layers of concrete and basalt rebar are thick enough to support itself. Final thickness is designed to be 2 ½ inches with slight variations across each project.  

Congratulations to Herb Nordmeyer

Nordmeyer will continue visiting Haiti throughout 2017 to oversee the ongoing construction projects and continue teaching at the American University of the Caribbean. His goal is to complete a second book before the end of 2017 which will be a form of training manual focused on quality concrete mixing and installation for regions prone to seismic activity and natural disasters. 

The need continues for expert volunteers to provide training to skilled and semi-skilled crews throughout Haiti as well as donations of used, fully-operational equipment and tools. To provide donations or inquire about volunteering contact:

Mission: Haiti
2269 S. University Drive, No. 227
Davie, FL  33324
(954) 868-8218 

Congratulations to Herb Nordmeyer

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3 New Sprayers from ToolCrete

3 New Sprayers from ToolCrete

Today we are proud to announce three new sprayers from ToolCrete, made in the USA with durability and performance in mind. Taking customer feedback, we have manufactured sprayers for a new variety of applications. We’re proud to manufacture the best stucco and plaster sprayers on the market, all made in the USA. Every detail of each sprayer has been carefully tested to ensure the highest quality. All new sprayers are made with stainless steel hoppers that are easy to clean, multiple jet sizes for customized speed and efficiency. Contact us today to discuss which sprayer is best for your project. Continue reading 3 New Sprayers from ToolCrete

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14 Year Old Boy Builds His Own Balloon Home

14 Year Old Boy Builds Air Balloon

All kids love to play with balloons. Some like them at birthday parties some like them in bounce houses.

Nolie Scheid, 14 years old, from Eugene dreams of having his own balloon home. On a sunny day in Oregon he gathered the few materials needed; Vinyl, wood, tape, and set out to make his dream come true. With the help of his family Nolie cut out eighteen vinyl gores, that when placed intricately together, formed a dome shape. He then made a curved brace out of two by fours. Then taped each of the pieces together. Here is a photo of the last two pieces being taped together.

Air Form

Here is a photo of the final product, blown up %90 of the way.

DIY Air Balloon

Nolie will combining this with another smaller balloon form to make his own thin shell dome home!

Stay tuned for more updates as he progresses.

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The Stucco Book – The Basics By Herb Nordmeyer

The Stucco Book - The Basics

By Sylvia Scheid

The Stucco Book - The Basics By Herb Nordmeyer

I was fortunate to be able to visit with Herb Nordmeyer as he was beginning this series of books about stucco. To some small degree I am proud of the fact that I actually encouraged him to share his knowledge on the subject gained from his career and several generations before him.

While visiting with Herb in San Antonio Texas, I got a first hand perspective of the different types of stucco. While he and I toured the Alamo, I felt very fortunate to be perhaps the only one to hear about the correct and incorrect upkeep of this beautiful structure. By simply glancing at the stucco, Herb recited the exact problems and types of material that were used to repair the cracks– one problem being that cementitious stucco had replaced the original earthen plaster.

The Stucco Book - The Basics By Herb Nordmeyer After Herb and I finished the most interesting and informational hour-long tour of the Alamo, we scuttled downtown. At random intervals I would notice Herb was not by my side. After looking around, I usually found him examining a portion of stucco on the side of a building. When I walked up to Herb, he would start to explain what the angle of the crack in the stucco meant. Or what mix the stucco was made of. He always did this with a humorous and educational twist. It is these types of facts and tidbits that are included in this wonderful stucco book. Herb has accomplished writing the most informative series about stucco and plaster that has ever been published. If you’re interested in how to stucco, how to mix stucco or even learn some of the history of stucco, this book will become the very best tool in your toolkit.

The Stucco Book – The Basics is the first of an interesting series about stucco. The next book is about the forensics of stucco. In it, the reader will learn the difference between the horizontal crack and the vertical crack– and the many other details of what you need to know to create healthy stucco. The final book in this series teaches the art of stucco. From faux stones, to theme park work, to stuccoing on straw, or even to giant dinosaurs, Herb reveals the details that will help the reader grow his creative stuccoing skills.

Read more about the stucco book…


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Shipping and handling is 5.00 or included when you purchase a stucco sprayer.

Price: $25.00

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Earthbag Building Workshop

Finished EarthBag home

Another amazing EarthBag Building workshop is upon us.

Earthen Hand WorkshopEarthen hand construction offers natural building classes. These include EarthBag construction, natural plastering and passive solar design. July 23-26, EarthenHand in Portland Oregon will host the first of several workshops this summer. This workshop will use the newest kind of  mesh Earthbags which EarthenHand have found to be superior of others they have tried.  This workshop will also include an introduction to Passive Annual Heat Storage combined with earthbag buildings. This amazing method allows the earth surrounding the house to absorb summer heat for use during the winter. Continue reading Earthbag Building Workshop