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How To Stucco A Shipping Container

stucco shipping container

A friend and artist Mikey Sklar took on the challenge of stuccoing a shipping container. Shipping containers are widely available and fairly affordable from a housing perspective around the world. But one major issue with shipping containers is that they heat up fast during a hot summer day and are not insulated from the cold in winter. A standard stucco application of 3/4″ to 1″ in depth will add a layer insulation, raise the R value significantly and create a comfortable temperature inside the container for a cozy, homey environment. Take a look at the video below and see how Mikey used his 4 Jet Wall Blaster to easily apply the stucco. Mikey’s stucco mix was actually a papercrete mix he designed himself. To learn more about papercrete follow this link.

Mikey’s website


mikey sklar shipping container
Mikey’s container 1 year later
stucco shipping container
Stucco’d shipping container example
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Earthbag Building Workshop

Finished EarthBag home

Another amazing EarthBag Building workshop is upon us.

Earthen Hand WorkshopEarthen hand construction offers natural building classes. These include EarthBag construction, natural plastering and passive solar design. July 23-26, EarthenHand in Portland Oregon will host the first of several workshops this summer. This workshop will use the newest kind of  mesh Earthbags which EarthenHand have found to be superior of others they have tried.  This workshop will also include an introduction to Passive Annual Heat Storage combined with earthbag buildings. This amazing method allows the earth surrounding the house to absorb summer heat for use during the winter. Continue reading Earthbag Building Workshop