Vertical Artisans: Subscription

Teacher: Nathan Giffin Released: 10-25-2012 Level: Beginner Regular Price: 1 Year / $ 1495 Certificate:

The Vertical Artisans “Core” course illustrates the methods, styles and techniques of hand carved vertical decorative concrete.


In the courses you will learn the fundamentals of the vertical artisan including how to make realistic looking themes like rock walls and wine cellars. image006

Nathan Giffin

author image was launched January 18th at the World of Concrete event in 2008. I was a guest artist at the artistry event opening eyes and doors to the Vertical Artisans concept. This is a site designed to illustrate the methods, styles, and techniques of stone facing. I had been developing the site from 2006 – 2007. I wanted to offer an incredible aid to fellow artisans who had a desire like I did for this craft. Giving artiosts something that I did not have many years ago was in fact a great personel goal of mine. Having access to the rare data that I so desperately searched for but could rarely find was the primary goal. To this day I still record all my projects and innovations that are added to the site almost as soon as I complete them. I have no desire to stop adding value to my site. Welcome and enjoy the art of Hand Carved Vertical Decorative Concrete.